The Lady in Blue

“If you get lost,” said Anna, “the Lady in Blue will get you!”

Anna saw James stop in his tracks just ahead of her. She smiled. An imagination like James’s was a feeding ground for ghost stories, and the tale of the castle’s signature ghost had terrified him. “Come on now,” she said, catching up to him. “Let’s go find everyone…” She paused. Down the corridor, she saw a woman in a blue dress. They locked eyes.

And suddenly Anna was the lady in the blue dress, standing over the graves of her murdered children, knife in hand, ready to plunge the steel into her breast…

And then she was Anna again, and the woman had gone. Shaking her head, she took James and walked up the steps and down the corridor. Only when they had gotten back to the tour group did Anna realize she was crying.

This was done for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers weekly challenge. The Photo is by Louise with the Storyteller’s Abode. 

Two Phrase Story Challenge

This is a challenge by hbhatnagar. The gist is that you have a unfinished phrase you have to complete and turn into a story. Here goes:

“The plane will be landing in ten minutes,” I heard over the intercom, and so I spent those minutes wondering what I was going to say to her. But when the moment came, I found that I couldn’t speak.