Net Neutrality

Hello Internet! I’m going to write a more standard blog post in the next couple of days, but today I want to focus on Net Neutrality, an issue that is especially near and dear to me. It’s likely that you already know what it is, considering that everyone is talking about it right now. But if you don’t, Net Neutrality is a serious of protections that basically keep every site on the Internet more or less equal. Your ISP cannot prioritize one site over another. My blog gets exactly the same treatment as any other site. However, the FCC is voting to repeal Net Neutrality in a couple of days, mostly because ISPs have been campaigning against it. They want to prioritize access to sites that make lucrative deals with them, and sell you certain sites as part of packages, as if it were cable TV.

Naturally, this is really bad for anyone who makes a living on the Internet, which these days is a lot of people. There is no way a site like, say, can compete with Amazon when it comes to getting the best deal with the most ISPs. In fact, it’s likely that a lot of independent sites could even get blocked, so that ISPs can direct traffic to there preferred partner.

If this upsets you (as it should), you still have a couple of days to act. The vote is on December 14th. As I am writing, it is currently the twelfth. That means you can still call your representative tomorrow, or participate in the internet-wide protest going on right now. Head to for more information. And make sure to let your Congressperson know that if the repeal does end up passing, that you will be keeping their actions in mind next year when midterm elections roll around.

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