The Revampening

I’m not good at this blogging thing.

I mean, here I am, it’s July third, a full five months since my last post, and I’ve done nothing that I said I’d do since then.

Well, that’s not true. I finished editing the story I wrote, and it’s all ready in manuscript format, but I’ve yet to send it off anywhere. And I’ve continued to apply to jobs, and to get interviews for said jobs, and then get email from people about said jobs that say something along the lines of “We’re sorry, but we’re going with someone else who better fits our needs as a company.” And I’ve continued to call my Senator and leave angry messages about the new health care bill, which would really screw me and a lot of people I know. So yeah, I haven’t been completely idle.

I think my problem with keeping up this blog has always been that I wasn’t sure what kind of subject I wanted to get on. Was this just another autobiographical blog? What about the flash fiction and poems? Just what is this thing supposed to be about, anyway?

Well, I think I’ve found an answer. This blog is going to be about contemporary existence. Specifically mine. That means that, from now on, when something depresses me, or there’s an issue or a funny story that happens to me, I’m going to write about it. Because that’s the only way I know to get better as a blogger and a person.

So hello again, world. My name is Alex Aloi. Let me write you things about my life.

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