Hello Again

I just wanted to take moment to talk about what I’ve been up to since I last posted . As I said in the notes of the last poem I posted, I lost my job testing software. I’ve been looking for work since. I tried applying to a couple of full-time writing positions, but none of those have panned out yet, so I’m looking into other options.

As you might imagine, being without a job has not mixed well with my depression, and some days its just hard to get up out of bed. To combat this, I’ve been making a point of getting up and doing something every day. For instance, last week I got a hair cut:


Other things I do to keep myself busy include taking a walk to the coffee shop by my house every day and helping my parents take care of my Grandpa, who lives by himself and can’t get around much anymore. I actually really like helping out my Grandpa, because it lets me spend some time with him while I still can. It also helps that taking care of someone you love who needs your help makes you feel less like an unemployed loser who doesn’t do anything useful with his time. Or at least that’s how it works for me.

I’m also trying to get back into the swing of things with writing. Even before losing my job, I barely wrote anything because I was so busy with work. Writing is my passion, and I let it slip away from me. Well, now I’m going to get it back. I’m going to gradually increase the amount I write until I’m writing every day.

This means that I’m going to update the blog more. I’m going to try to post something new each week, whether its a poem, a story, or a blog post like this one. So keep any eye out for future writings and ramblings from me as I try to get myself back on a regular writing schedule.

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